Maryland HQL Training and Classes: 4 Hours

Classes are conducted every Wednesday evening from 5pm-9pm or Sat 9-1pm as this time is most convenient for most. Class size is limited to 10 students. You do not have to own a firearm to attend this class. You can borrow ours. Live fire portion of this training is conducted on either Fridays or Saturdays depending on schedule. In Home or Office training as well. Call or email for availability. See Maryland HQL Training Page for more information.

Maryland CCW Concealed Carry and Wear Permit Classes: 16 Hours

Classroom location is located in Rockville, MD. This training is conducted every Saturday and Sunday with classroom instruction and live fire. Students should already own a firearm, however if you do not, one can be borrowed. Outside the waistband holster with strong belt is also required for this class. Students will be shooting on command from the holster or concealment per training requirements. Students who need both HQL and CCW should attend this class as training provided meets requirements for HQL as well. See Maryland Wear and Carry Permit Training page for more info.

One on One, Group Instruction, Location Based Training: 2 Hours – 8 Hours

Class times and locations are dynamic and designed to meet our students needs. We have 4 hour time block classes that are conducted everyday of the week and evenings. Weekend classes held every weekend are used for CCW classes because of the 8 hours a day requirements.  We have minimum class sizes for our training so often we will ask our students if they know or can bring a friend or spouse. We will however be posting events on our Facebook page for more information.

We want to make your training experience fun, safe and using practical exercises to keep things simple. The mechanics, muscle memory, and overall attitude to firearms a rewarding experience. We look forward to becoming friends in arms and helping you achieve your goals.

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