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Police Active Shooter Training in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia

Schools and Universities, Places of Worship, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Businesses of all types and Assisted Living Facilities are all at risk and need to be prepared. We want to help.

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Training, Education, Survival of Active Shooter Incidents

Collaboration and Partnership of two great companies to offer the best training options in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. When BlackRock Tactical Partners and Double A Consultants met it was a synergy to use our skills and talents to educate the public for what we see as our greatest threat. Living your normal life and fall victim to mental illness, crazy people and active shooters.

Every day we strive to reach that next person, next place of worship, next business, next hospital, next medical center, next possible target for violence and make sure they are prepared to survive. We are just three men on a mission to educate, train, enlighten you to what you need to think about and do when you encounter or fall victim to an Active Shooter.

Active Shooter Response Training is custom tuned for your threat assessment, active and known threats, geographic location in relation to first responders, ability of your staff and internal as well as external layout of your facility. Our Active Shooter Response Training in conjunction with self defense techniques, firearms training, HQL and Concealed Carry Permit training we know we offer the perfect solution to understand all of your options. We thank you and look forward to seeing you at training.

BlackRock Tactical Partners

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Active Shooter Training for Law Enforcement and Police in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia

Every time we conduct Active Shooter Training, we always notify Law Enforcement and local Police. We want to involve them directly and indirectly with our training goals. Sometimes they are on standby depending on the event and are always a phone call away. Many departments just want to be informed for safety reasons and we agree, but during these training sessions, not matter where they are, the office, building, church or business is always locked down and there is no public entry during our training.

During the course of our training we have come to realize that not only law enforcement but we all play an integral role in the safety and security of the communities we train in. We all have that responsibility to help make our communities a safer place to live and raise our families.

Law Enforcement Officers have a unfathomable amount of responsibility given to them each and every day they are on the job. We often think they actually have time off, but in reality they are never off the job. Sworn officers are never off as they have a duty to act in situations where regular citizens do not. We all need to realize this and thank law enforcement for this sacrifice and support them in any way we can.

It seems apparent that not only our country but the world has seen an increase in violence in our schools, business, churches, and any public gathering place. We are all at risk for Active Shooter Incidents. With each massacre and loss of life experts have taken data from witnesses and reports to help us and law enforcement better act during these times of crisis. How Law Enforcement responds to Active Shooter Incidents is different depending on departments, but with our training, maybe it will help these departments understand and make their responses better and save lives. We can all look in the past and see mistakes and take action to improve our plans. Most Active Shooter incidents last 10-20 minutes and the way law enforcement acts or fails to act could cost lives. We offer a single officer tactic to save lives in an Active Shooter Incident. Officers should understand and practice this scenario as experts agree that to be the most deliberate method to get an officer in direct contact to best save lives.

Not all Law Enforcement Tactics work for Active Shooter Incidents and our training teaches triangulation and bounding, single approach, and the fastest way to reach the threat, just like making contact with a hostile suspect. Single approach can work if time is a factor, shooting is happening, but triangulation and bounding can overwhelm the threat and not allow an active shooter to have one large target to engage. Law enforcement needs to understand for each Active Shooter Incident, depending on location, to use and understand the best tactic to subdue or stop the threat.

The fastest way law enforcement acts is the fastest way to stop the plan of the active shooter.

We will discuss and help law enforcement understand that our training is to run, hide, fight.

If law enforcement arrives during the RUN phase they need to be to identify and differentiate between running innocent victims and the actual shooter. Law enforcement when overwhelmed with running people toward them will stop, access and almost be in a hold pattern or even retreat pattern while ushering people to safety and not pursuing an active shooter. This has been seen as a mistake in the past and cost lives.

If law enforcement arrives during a lull in weapons fire, or even during this HIDE phase of an Active Shooter Incident they will often proceed slowly when time is at its most critical. They hear no shots, they see randomly running victims and proceed slowly trying to gather evidence to proceed or wait for backup to proceed in force. The Solo officer approach of clear and move searching for the active shooter is the most effective way to stop the threat but the most dangerous. Officers in other incidents have frozen and failed to act when needed the most. But this phase and law enforcements understanding of what to do and when is why we created this training. Also responding to those hiding and either leading them to safety or creating more targets for the active shooter. When innocent victims see law enforcement, they run to them, uncontrollably most often and tell them what they saw. This can be overwhelming to anyone, let alone a police officer, weapon drawn, clearing a building. We feel that getting to the threat and stopping the threat the fastest is the most effective.

During the FIGHT phase of our training or an active shooter incident, law enforcement could arrive and see not only the active shooter, but other armed good guys in a shoot out with the active shooter. Law enforcement is trained to shoot at the guy holding the gun, knife, especially on an armed robbery call, domestic and even a shooting call. This can sometimes cost innocent lives, the lives of good guys with guns. As Concealed Carry Permits increase and regular citizens arm themselves, they do more often than not, fight back, against any threat, especially an active shooter. We feel this part of our training is to help  law enforcement identify who the active shooter actually is and join the fight instead of inhibiting it. It is not like the movies and emotions and nerves are on edge, but a reminder to law enforcement that there are other good guys out there goes a long way in helping them understand how Active Shooter Response training is aimed at helping them as well.

Through a mixture of classroom, elaborate scenario-based training, and isolation drills, this police active shooter training will prepare individual officers to respond quickly and confidently to something different than they might be used to and to create an understanding to help save lives. We work with all local, state and federal agencies to help bring our message to law enforcement. Please use the form below to contact us for law enforcement active shooter training. Be safe out there!

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