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Active Shooter Training for Schools, Colleges and Universities in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia

Schools and Universities, Places of Worship, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Businesses of all types and Assisted Living Facilities are all at risk and need to be prepared. We want to help.

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Training, Education, Survival of Active Shooter Incidents

Collaboration and Partnership of two great companies to offer the best training options in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. When BlackRock Tactical Partners and Double A Consultants met it was a synergy to use our skills and talents to educate the public for what we see as our greatest threat. Living your normal life and fall victim to mental illness, crazy people and active shooters.

Every day we strive to reach that next person, next place of worship, next business, next hospital, next medical center, next possible target for violence and make sure they are prepared to survive. We are just three men on a mission to educate, train, enlighten you to what you need to think about and do when you encounter or fall victim to an Active Shooter.

Active Shooter Response Training is custom tuned for your threat assessment, active and known threats, geographic location in relation to first responders, ability of your staff and internal as well as external layout of your facility. Our Active Shooter Response Training in conjunction with self defense techniques, firearms training, HQL and Concealed Carry Permit training we know we offer the perfect solution to understand all of your options. We thank you and look forward to seeing you at training.

BlackRock Tactical Partners

Jack Collins, Jack Fleming, Kyle Sefcik 

Active Shooter Training for Schools, Colleges and Universities in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia

We need an written invitation from your Principal, Dean or President of the University in order to conduct training on school grounds. We will also notify Law Enforcement of the time, place and activity taking place during our training. 

How many lives has Gun Free Zones cost or protected?

What amount of time goes by where we turn on the news and hear about another School or Educational location that has fallen victim to an Active Shooter? Many are in shock and wonder why so much violence and hate where active shooters see these places as targets?  Every State has been affected by these active shooter incidents and many wonder why this violence has suddenly overtaken our schools.

Gun Free Zones have left our children open to mentally ill students that steal their parents firearms, graduates from these schools that had negative educational experiences due to bullying, and a mountain of legal and ethical considerations we need to make as a society to all agree on how to best protect our children.

K-12 Schools have been recent targets and we do not need to report statistics but lobby our representatives to change laws to help protect these locations. Many schools especially K-12 have implemented lock-down procedures and employed armed school resource officers. Many times these school resource officers have stopped active shooters or other attacks and are an invaluable asset to the schools they are in. However, we also have had instances where school resource officers failed to react or outright fled the scene of an active shooter incident and have been charged under the full extent of the law.

Middle and High Schools are also close behind in active shooter incidents but recently Police and armed resource officers that appear to have more training are stopping them before they become national news. Remember according to the FBI, a mass casualty event or active shooter incident needs to have at least 4 lives lost to be counted as incidents. We all know bullying is a major problem at this age and what as educators, state officials and lawmakers willing to do to help Teachers have a more dominant role in discipline to unruly students. Teachers know the kids, they also know what parents are and are not proactive in the children’s lives. Sadly there are those that slip through the cracks and after viewing My Friend Dahmer on Netflix. well we all know that story. Active Shooter Training for this level of school is mainly for the staff, leadership and resource officers, with cooperation from local law enforcement.

Colleges and Universities create a much more logistical challenge when dealing with Active Shooter incidents, especially public institutions that have open campuses. Many of these Colleges have their own internal Police or Security force that deals internally with issues, but could benefit from Active Shooter Response Training. Deans, Professors and other educators could all learn to detect the signs that are commonly displayed prior to an Active Shooter incident. We all must do more to help protect our children, no matter how old they are. From K-12 through College, their safety should be a given and it is not. Please contact us via the email form below so we can discuss the best way to help your students and campus.

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