The Number 1 Gun Safety Rule

SigSaur P226 Tacops 9mm

Always treat your gun like it is loaded is the number 1 gun safety rule. You cannot believe how many times I have visited ranges around the country and witnessed so called instructors muzzle themselves and others.

You should always be aware of your surroundings and point the gun in the safest direction possible. The ground is not always the safest place. Be aware always to help avoid shooting yourself and others.

Here is all of the rules: 

  • All Firearms are loaded all of the time.
  • Keep the muzzle (end of the barrel) pointed in safe direction.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger against the frame until the gun is pointed at the target and ready to fire. 
  • Know and identify your target, what is beyond your target before you fire. 

Just a quick blog post to be aware, be safe and never ever point your gun at anything unless you plan to shoot it. All students must adhere to these safety rules or you will be asked to leave the class without a refund. Student will get a safety briefing before live fires or range briefings and if rules are broken, no refund, no exceptions.

It could be your life or mine on the line and you just learned a valuable lesson.

Jack Fleming