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Jeffrey Dahmer, Sam Little and Charles Manson pictured above are just 3 examples of pure evil. Prepare.

Students will learn how not to be a victim. Many criminals look out for targets of opportunity based on outward appearance, type and style of clothing one wears or even the type of walk a person naturally does. We believe that there are two types of criminals, the smart ones that try to steal and not hurt anyone and the dumb angry ones that really do not care at all. You have what they want and some will do anything to get it, while others are just looking to bully their way to get your car, phone, shopping bag or even money. Students will learn pressure points, self defense techniques to defend close up attacks and common mistakes the average person makes regarding their security mindset. This class does not include any firearms but some lethal and non lethal devices you can every day carry to give you peace of mind and have an outward appearance of not being a victim.

Crime happens to targets of opportunity and even police officers are victims of crime and we will help you understand what to do in such scenarios.

Class Details: 4 hours $600 Weekdays, Evenings Available by appointment. Once on one or class size not more than 8. Minimum class size 4. Location in home or classroom.