Double A visits Atlantic Guns

Special thanks to Kyle and the whole staff at Atlantic Guns in Rockville, Maryland for the showcase and display of your most popular CCW Revolvers.

As with any Gun Shop, they sell all kinds of Firearms but on this trip we specifically had a certain type of firearm we wanted to see about. Instructors as well as the Police usually carry a semi-automatic pistol as their main carry weapon, but many often carry a backup revolver either on the ankle or another spot on their person. We take for granted that the police in the early days only had a .38 Special to fight the bad guys but from the display you see above, Revolvers have come a long way and we highly suggest our students think about this option as your main carry weapon or even a backup.

Revolvers are mainly used for close contact engagements which supports the CCW mindset and personal protection. We suggest you try both and see what your personal preferences are. We are all different and no one good solution is for everyone. Some State Police still use Revolvers but that is another story.

Trust me, shooting a .357 Magnum Revolver is fun and even shooting The Judge as seen above is something you need to get used to but Revolvers do have a use and they are coming back in style. We love the chrome, the simplicity, and even the internal hammer on some models as well as the raw power you feel in your hand after firing. Revolvers just work and they will continue to work for personal protection, home defense in certain instances and just all around fun. The main reason I would personally carry a Revolver is to have a back up to my Semi-Auto Pistol. Most of our classes revolve around Semi-Auto pistols, pistol caliber carbines and also the AR platform for rifles but there is a whole lot to learn about Revolvers and we highly suggest a trip to Atlantic Guns in future. Great selection of all types of firearms as well as 2 locations in Maryland since 1950. That tells you something about the owners and their dedication to the residents of Maryland and the surrounding areas.

Bottom line, Revolvers are still useful in a sense because they shoot bullets. All you need is one to possibly save your life or your loves ones life. So go check out Atlantic Guns and tell them Jack from Double A Consultants sent you! Also the their GUN SAFETY TIPS!