Double A visits Engage Armament

We had the chance again to visit with Carlos and Andy from Engage Armament over the weekend and we thank them for sending students to us over the years! We greatly appreciate it! You see I met them a little close to 10 years ago and I personally shop there as an Instructor. Matter of fact, one of our AR-15 Clinic students was there making final changes to her most recent purchase, which based on our advise was well needed. She added a 9mm sub gun pistol to her arsenal and it makes the most sense for her. Every time I enter Engage Armament, there is always friendly knowledgable staff and owners present to show me the latests offerings for pistols, rifles and shotguns as well as gear. They are always happy to clear a gun and hand it over for me for an inspection and feel. You see as instructors we meet all types of people with all types of tastes, that is why we send them to Engage. They have everything, and if they don’t they can get it fast. A family member just purchased his forever pistol there over the weekend, and yes history does repeat itself, he got a Sig P226 Tacops! It was the most logical decision as it comes with 4 20 rd magazines and as a new Maryland HQL recipient, he is ready for dry fire practice to master the fundamentals and then on to the range to confirm that practice. We just wanted to do an article about Engage Armament, the owners, the staff and all of the great merchandise they stock as it meets or exceeds our definition of a Gun Store. Keep up the great work! They also have a new shop online store! Check it out!