Double A visits United Gun Shop

Special Thanks to Corey and the whole staff at United Gun Shop located in Rockville, MD for their expertise in all firearms and their time to deal with instructors while serving active customers. We greatly appreciate it.

So I was out and about today and United Gun Shop is so close to my classroom and office that it just made sense to get in there and see what they were all about. You see Gun Shops and Instructors need each other and form close relationships as we serve our students and clients. It is all about customer service, expertise and how a client or student feels after the process is complete. As with any gun shop they have a huge selection of all types of firearms but today I had one important question.

That question was, “What are people buying in the terms of semi-automatic pistols in your store?”

Without hesitation, out comes 5-6 choices on the counter and as you will see from the choices above, they carry them all for sale to Marylanders and LE as well as a huge online store. You see if you do not see something in the store, they can get it and you will be happy. From ammo to gear, sights, accessories and just their overall detailed knowledge impressed me.

You see I am a SIG man, (Simple is Good) I mean Sig Saur is my first choice for any firearm I am looking to buy so my views are a little skewed. However United Gun Shop pulled out all of the other makes and models and as I was holding them, I imagined the PEW they would make. From our conversation it is safe to say that if you want to get started there are options for all price points and then it goes up from there.

I encourage you to visit United Gun Shop and see more about them. I was impressed and if you are a student, remember this. Not all gun stores are the same. It is the customer service, knowledge, selection and overall attitude of their staff. United is doing it right and we wish them much success and continued growth. Thank you!