U.S. Army Combat Veteran Paratrooper
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
MSP Licensed Firearm Instructor


Comrade Financial Group, LLC DBA Double A Consultants.

Jack Fleming is a NRA Certified Instructor for Handguns and pursuing other classifications like the NRA version of Rifle and Shotgun to enhance his personal and military training he received during his service. Jack served over 5 years in Special Operations as a Airborne Forward Observer in the 82nd Airborne Division and 2nd Infantry Division that protects the DMZ between N. Korea and S. Korea. During the Gulf War which is better known as Desert Shield and Desert Storm Jack witnessed  a total collapse of the Iraqi society where the darkness of human nature took over in which he witnessed the horrors of war. He survived and now has dedicated his life to ensure we all are prepared to defend ourselves, our loved ones, our home and vehicles and become better marksmen as well as become better educated firearms owners. Jack is also a Maryland State Police Certified Firearms Instructor.

Mission Statement

I do not look like this anymore, but I sure do feel the warrior inside of me when I see the what is happening in the world today. Double A Consultants was always a passion of mine and now at this stage in my life, I have the means and financial support to follow my dreams.

Double A Consultants is a firearm training and consulting company that focuses on the basics of the safe operation and ownership of a firearm. Throughout my life since the age of 15, I have been exposed to firearms thanks to my father and grandfather and was taught the old school way by them and then a more comprehensive and intense version of all weapon systems in the U. S. Army. As a former Paratrooper my job as a Forward Observer was to be extremely familiar with all hand guns, machine guns, mortars as well as field artillery, naval gunfire and close air support. One of my favorite you see pictured on the right is the M203 that I had the honor of carrying during my service after the Gulf War on the DMZ in S. Korea. It was my all time favorite out of all of the weapon systems I was exposed to.


Throughout my life I have been to many ranges and sought out further training to enhance the skills I had to learn during my service. However during many visits to these ranges, I felt even more afraid of the people in the lanes next to me than some of the combat and even airborne operations we did in the Army.

So understanding what you have in your hands, whether it be a revolver, pistol, long gun or shot gun, we can help you improve your skill and knowledge.  I was amazed at the level of incompetence I was experiencing when I decided to go out to shoot for myself. Double A was created to help the novice all the way up to the experience marksman to get better at their chosen weapon system. Fundamentals of shooting, safety, care, cleaning and the understanding of ballistics makes you a better shooter. Not understanding these things can jeopardize your own safety as well as those around you, including your own family.

We look forward to having you as our student and friend as we spread our message that yes, you can be a badass, an expert marksman, and even get better if you have been shooting your entire life, but you better understand what you have in your hand first. A gun is a tool, the human is the weapon and far too many innocent victims have been killed by bad humans. We want to help stop you from being a victim, protect yourself with confidence, protect your family and be prepared if something ever does happen when you need to use your gun for other than recreational purposes. Thank you for finding us and hope to see you soon at one of our classes.

Jack Fleming