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Well, back in 2013 Maryland adopted the Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013 which states a whole bunch of rules and regulations but I will try to break it down what it means to you as a resident of Maryland.

As a former resident of another state I was able to walk right into a Gun Shop and fill out a simple form and 30 minutes later I was walking out a happy new gun owners. Since my move to Maryland, it came as a surprise that I actually had to go and attend a Gun Safety class and pay a fee, then wait for a license to be issued by the state just in order to purchase a handgun…. lawsuits pending.

However, as a Veteran the State of Maryland has recognized that I do indeed know all about firearms and created an exemption for veterans, which I was happy about. No one wants to learn something over again, especially if we are required to do so just in order to exercise our 2nd Amendment right!

What it all boils down to is that just like a drivers license, some people should not own or drive cars. Just like handguns, not all should own them and many uneducated gun owners shoot themselves or wind up on YouTube!

So in order for Maryland residents to purchase a handgun, you need 4 hours of Safety training and you are lucky that you found us and we are over qualified to teach this but we add extra things in there to help you are new and experienced shooters. Hope to see you soon!