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Update! Now Maryland is SHALL ISSUE! 

As Instructors for Maryland Wear and Carry Permit training, we hear all kinds of myths and rumors about who qualifies and who does not qualify. Honestly, we feel that every American should be allowed to defend themselves and their loved ones. However we live in Maryland which has laws and rules that are drastically changing for the better. We are not lawyers and do not give legal advice but tell you what we do and what we have to do to carry concealed everyday under the law. It really is not that hard and once you receive training and become a better shooter over time you too will help spread the message of our 2nd Amendment Rights!

We often call the Maryland State Police for guidance on many issues and even subscribe to the NRA-ILA to stay up to date on laws changing that affect all of us. Maryland Shall Issue is another great organization to join and be involved in which helps the politicians understand that we in fact are not criminals, but more responsible citizens than the normal citizens because we understand and accept the responsibility of firearms ownership and took the next step to be armed everyday. Many will not qualify per the state SOP and currently there are bills proposed that will allow prospective applicants to apply for approval and then seek the required training. Either way we believe the training helps you understand that owning a firearm does come with responsibility which exceeds your neighbor and even so as a CCW Permit holder that carries everyday.

With all training, you will take what you want from it. We not only meet the requirements but exceed them as these are real life lessons that have happened to us. We never want to hear that you were involved in a use of force shooting to defend yourself, but if you do, we want you to be ready and have the right education and attitude for it. Life is precious but some criminals out there take lives everyday and the only thing we can do is to get armed, get trained and protect ourselves. We hope to become friends in arms and look forward to meeting you in training and at the ranges. Thank you! Jack Fleming

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