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If you are new to firearms, we suggest you take advantage of our one on one consulting to get a feel for what firearm you wish to own and use for your protection. Taking the leap into this world can sometimes be very intimidating to new clients so this process allows you to take your time to learn about each type and style to ensure your investment dollars go a long way. Sure Firearms do retain some value but not if you purchase the wrong one. The Firearms Consulting section of the website is for newcomers and beginners to learn the right way to own and maintain their firearms. That is why we offer classes on How Do I Clean my Gun and Which Gun is Right for Me as well as Which Rifle is Right for Me classes. Take your time and we are here to help.


There is always more to learn when it comes to shooting and self defense. Some clients love the shooting sports like 3 Gun or Skeet shooting while others just own one firearm and use it for self-defense. What ever your reason is, we offer certified and licensed training for Maryland Handgun Qualification License which then will allow you to actually purchase a handgun in Maryland. This process involves a 4hr class and live fire per state requirements. See more about this training by clicking the link above. We also offer Maryland Concealed Carry and Wear Permit training that if you meet the qualifications you will be able to concealed carry your firearm per state guidelines. This training is 16 hours of classroom and live fire. If you want more information or have questions about this training, please call or email anytime. Also by special request, we now have an AR-15 Style Rifle Clinic for new owners to teach them everything they need to know about this weapon system. Also for students interested in reaching out a little farther we offer our Long Range Precision Rifle Training to learn what it takes to reach targets from 300-1750 yards and beyond.


Double A offers our unique approach to Personal and Home Defense by offering a variety of classes that change with each client. No Home is the same so creating a plan for Home Invasion Defense is as unique as the way you design your home interior. Home is your sanctuary and many clients live in their own world and believe that an alarm system or even a phone call to law enforcement will save them. You need a plan and we are here to help. Just like Car Jacking Defense, you never think it will happen to you but there are proven techniques you can utilize to protect yourself and your vehicle. Personal defense strategies we teach in our Combat Self Defense are a combination of self defense techniques that incorporate Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, Mui Tai style fighting and proper strikes to pressure points with and without accessories that are perfectly legal for every day carry.