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Schools and Universities, Places of Worship, Churches, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Businesses of all types and Assisted Living Facilities are all at risk and need to be prepared. We want to help.

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Training, Education, Survival of Active Shooter Incidents

BlackRock Tactical Partners

Collaboration and Partnership of two great companies to offer the best training options in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. When BlackRock Tactical Partners and Double A Consultants met it was a synergy to use our skills and talents to educate the public for what we see as our greatest threat. Living your normal life and fall victim to mental illness, crazy people and active shooters. Every day we strive to reach that next person, next place of worship, next business, next hospital, next medical center, next possible target for violence and make sure they are prepared to survive.Just three men on a mission to educate, train, enlighten you to what you need to think about  and do when you encounter an Active Shooter. Active Shooter Response Training is custom tuned for your threat assessment, active and known threats, geographic location in relation to first responders, ability of your staff and internal as well as external layout of your facility.

Church and places of Worship Active Shooter Training

Since the dawn of religion and organized worship services to include all religious beliefs, they have in one way or the other been the target for violence and destruction. The sad fact that throughout our lives, history is known to repeat itself. That includes your religious place of worship being at risk today for a possible Active Shooter or armed intruder hell bent on fulfilling their lust, hate or delusional needs to act out on a fantasy. We all feel that this time we worship is often a sanctuary for those that cannot help themselves and the masses that attend services every week. This combination of religion and a large gathering of people create a soft target and vulnerable to armed intruders to maximize casualties and achieve their goal of fear and chaos.

We do not need to list the past events where innocent victims have lost their lives attending Churches or other religious gatherings but want to stress that no matter what religion you practice, these organizations need to develop a plan to defend themselves. No matter your affiliation our training will be customized to your location, schedule and ability to react to a possible Active Shooter and respond according to the level of threat. We will conduct a threat assessment, make recommendations to staff and clergy and help you develop and implement a plan for defense and offense if so desired.

Educate, Train, and Prepare Your Place of Worship 

Once we do an on site threat assessment we will be able to  ensures that your place of worship is equipped with security strategies that will prepare staff and clergy for the invasion of an active shooter. We will:

  • Educate

Many are unaware that the threat of armed intruders is growing not only in synagogues, churches, temples, and mosques, but in all industries within the United States today. Our main focus is educating church staff and clergy about the real dangers of an armed intruder. What we learn from the news as well as case studies will be implemented to help you not only protect but also defend yourself and your congregation.

  • Train

We come to you in your facility and conduct your choice of either a one hour seminar or seminar with active engagement to simulate a real life event. Safety is paramount during the live scenarios but we make sure everyone understands what is at stake here. After participating in this intensive training, your place of worship will become certified and prepared to effectively manage emergency situations and active shooter scenarios. Follow up and individual training is available for leadership and staff at another time and location upon request.

  • Prepare

To maximize the effectiveness of your training,  We visit each place of worship to identify existing infrastructure design and communication technologies that could help save lives in the event of armed intruder. We will provide your place of worship with a distinct emergency preparedness plan  and threat assessment report that provides effective church security to your staff, clergy, and congregation.

Our training’s proactive strategies empower your staff, clergy, and congregation with the knowledge necessary to survive during an armed intruder event. Drills, practice and open communication about roles and responsibilities are openly discussed so there is always a person who understands your plan.

Security Strategies for Staff and Clergy

In the event of an active shooter, utilizing church staff and clergy is an important step that every church, big or small, must take.

  • Establish a Security Presence

It is critical that your place of worship forms a security team that is constantly working to prevent and prepare for the invasion of an armed intruder. Ideally, your security team should be filled with trained individuals such as, law enforcement officers, federal and state police, military personnel, firefighters, emergency workers, and even concealed carry permit holders. Your congregation is filled with these qualified individuals who would be happy to assist in the security of their place of worship.

  • Secure Your Place of Worship

Assess the structural security of your place of worship. Decisions must be made regarding convenience and safety. An easily accessed building does not slow down the intruders ability to easily access large numbers of congregants. Can entry points be limited to allow better monitoring by the security team? Are late-arrivals met and guided/escorted to the appropriate area? These types of vulnerabilities and how they are addressed can be the difference between quickly identifying a threat or the opportunity an armed intruder needs to cause destruction and chaos.

  • Post Greeters at All Entrances

Posting greeters at the main entrances of your church is not only a friendly gesture to new comers and your congregation, but is a great tactic for identifying potential threats. With proper training, your greeters can identify odd or threatening behavior among the individuals who enter your place of worship. These abnormal behaviors can then be relayed to your security team. This information may just allow your security team to prevent or quickly address any threat that may arise.

Each facility and each location is different so expect a customized plan to help you understand just where you stand for defending your rights of freedom of religion. To learn more about our training options please contact us via the secure email form below and you will be contacted to start the process to better protect your place of worship.

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