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Schools and Universities, Places of Worship, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Businesses of all types and Assisted Living Facilities are all at risk and need to be prepared. We want to help.

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Training, Education, Survival of Active Shooter Incidents

BlackRock Tactical Partners

Collaboration and Partnership of two great companies to offer the best training options in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. When BlackRock Tactical Partners and Double A Consultants met it was a synergy to use our skills and talents to educate the public for what we see as our greatest threat. Living your normal life and fall victim to mental illness, crazy people and active shooters.

Every day we strive to reach that next person, next place of worship, next business, next hospital, next medical center, next possible target for violence and make sure they are prepared to survive. We are just three men on a mission to educate, train, enlighten you to what you need to think about and do when you encounter or fall victim to an Active Shooter.

Active Shooter Response Training is custom tuned for your threat assessment, active and known threats, geographic location in relation to first responders, ability of your staff and internal as well as external layout of your facility. Our Active Shooter Response Training in conjunction with self defense techniques, firearms training, HQL and Concealed Carry Permit training we know we offer the perfect solution to understand all of your options. We thank you and look forward to seeing you at training.


We often think of Hospitals, Medical Centers and even Surgical Centers as facilities that save and preserve lives and would never even imagine that these types of facilities are susceptible to an Active Shooter Incident. Every facility usually has one or more security officers or even a Police officer or two earning overtime, however due to the public exposure of these types of facilities, they are often viewed as soft targets to the mentally ill that perpetrate these mass casualty crimes. Active Shooter Response Training for medical staff is a growing trend and will continue until the current public business model of these types of businesses change.

It has been reported recently this year that Veterans have committed suicide at Hospitals across the nation this year that add to the already sad 22 Veteran suicides a year as we as a nation face this disturbing trend. These types of events ended with just the Veteran committing suicide and no other casualties, but in once instance there was gunfire and injuries reported as shots were fired indiscriminately across the whole ER seating area and into the patient service area. Who would think that this would even happen at any hospital, especially a Veterans Hospital as these areas are Gun Free Zones and that in itself offered no protection to its occupants or staff.

Active Shooter Response Training for Medical Staff helps prepare your facility and helps your staff understand what actions to take to run, hide or fight off an intruder, active shooter or killer, or other type of terror attack. This planning, preparation and training is paramount in helping safeguard these life savers, their families, and their patients lives if an active shooter incident just happened to occur. Hospital or Medical Center security cannot be everywhere and will most likely be one of the first victims in such incidents, but knowing how to react can save lives and the lives of others.

In certain cases, medical staff can qualify for concealed carry permits, especially facility managers and non-medical support staff as they are also one of the first persons that come into contact with an Active Shooter. These proactive measures of concealed carry training, active shooter response training can mean the difference of stopping an attack or be a statistic on the news for a mass casualty event. We only want to help educate and prepare you in such events. Please contact us using the secure email form below and we look forward to helping you.

The active shooter training for hospital staff program is intended for any hospital, medical complex, or assisted living facility.

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