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Beginner to Advance Level Training: Men and Women 

I have heard this many times before and have seen it from friends and clients. They get into the gun culture or feel unsafe about a life event and rush off to the gun store and purchase a shotgun, rifle or even handgun. Then they buy 100-300 rounds of ammunition, go to the range and learn how to shoot they think. Believe me it is fun to go and test out a new firearm, no matter what it is.

Then they get home, slide the shotgun, rifle, semi-automatic into a bag or case and leave it there until the next time they have a chance to go shoot. The discharging of a round or cartridge leaves residue inside the working parts of your weapon and depending on the ammunition, this reside can be corrosive and damage your gun.

This class will cover the correct way to:

  • Disassemble your gun to manufacturer specification.
  • Clean it correctly with the right cleaning solutions and equipment.
  • Students will assemble and disassemble weapons 5-10 times.
  • Reassembly blindfolded and pick a name for your firearm.
  • Proper use and function of ammunition storage in and out of magazines.
  • See our Store for recommended cleaning items you will need for this class.

Class Details: 4 Hours $300 Available Weekdays or Weekends

One on One, In Home or Location,  Students up to 10 with same weapon style or add on class.

Email Ja**@Do****************.com or Call 240-855-4541 to schedule this training.