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Beginner to Advanced Level Training: Men and Women 

There should be a ton of research and consideration in purchasing a rifle no matter what the purpose. Many students that prep for emergencies often choose the wrong rifle system and do not consider all of the things that go into that attitude and mindset of many calibers. We like to keep things simple and help you make the right decision the first time.

Gun Store Only Class Details:

We discuss at length why you have chosen to purchase a Rifle on the phone or via email. We schedule the best time and location to meet at a gun store that specializes in Rifles and rifle systems. You will be able to hold, learn the range, capacity and effective use for your chosen rifle. Many times we meet students that purchased an AR platform style rifle and loaded it up with accessories that really do not meet the overall use of this weapon system. We will discuss options like scopes, muzzle breaks, ammunition, butt stocks, slings, bench rests and everything you need to optimize your purpose or multiple uses of your rifle. Your rifle needs to meet your budget for your intended purpose of the purchase. Some uses for Rifles serve a duel purpose like Home Defense and Recreational or even Personal Defense and Hunting.

Gun Store and Range Rental Live Fire Class Details:

This class includes all of the above but also many gun stores also have a range and this might include travel time from a gun store to a range, or a gun store and range in one with rentals available. We have discovered that all locations are not created equally as some stores specialize in the most popular platforms which means sales. Some might not have a large selection of your chosen Rifle. However, once it is chosen, we will instruct the safe operation of that Rifle and shoot in the range 100-150 rounds of ammunition. We feel this is the best way to select a firearm that is right for you. Not only the feel, but the purpose and how it fits to you. (Students are responsible for range time and ammunition charges)

Class Details: 2 Options to choose from. Rifle, AR-15, AR-10, .308, Bolt Action, 9mm Carbine

  • Gun Store Only Class 4hrs $400
  • Gun Store and Range Rental w/ Live Fire 8hrs $800

Email Ja**@Do****************.com to schedule this training class. Thank you.