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This class is for you if you want to improve your handgun handling and shooting skills.

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Advanced Handgun Training – Semi Auto – All handgun owners. Current HQL Handgun Owners, Current CCW Permit Holders, Great Class before you take CCW Permit training. 

Advanced Handgun Training for all handgun owners residing in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. We highly recommend this training class for all students that in fact took their Maryland HQL Handgun Qualification License Training with another instructor. We have found that many other so called experts are basically herding students through a class offering a bare minimum of training. Leaving students which are now new handgun owners lost and not confident in their new purchase and abilities to defend themselves. This is a huge problem in this area ever since Maryland passed the Maryland Firearm Safety Act of 2013, which created many uneducated handgun owners that fell victim to ranges, lackluster instructors and even prior as well as active law enforcement teaching as a second job. We have encountered so many students for HQL and CCW Wear and Carry Permit that were trained wrong or not even trained to the correct standard, thus making these gun owners not carry. Imagine having a Permit and not carrying, all because you were no confident in your skills to defend yourself and others in public. Sadly we have met over 100 Trained By Other Instructors CCW permit renewal students that did not carry daily. This class will in fact find the root of your weaknesses as well as teach you new and existing standards of firearm handling, marksmanship, safety and security. If you carry or own a handgun you should be able to use it as well as defend yourself and others with it. We offer this class for in home, one on one and also at our location. Please see our 2A Partners page and order a good belt and OWB holster for class.

Class Details: 4 Hrs $400 Single Student , $600 Husband/Wife, $825 3 Students that are friends or relatives.

Classes available weeknights  5-9 pm for classroom or in home scheduling , Saturday 9-1 pm classroom only,

One on One and In Home by appointment at 1.5 times normal single student rate. 

Minimum class size is 4, Max class size is 7. Classes are small and are paced so all students grasp content.

Call Jack Fleming at 240-855-4541 or email Ja**@Do****************.com to schedule.

Students need to complete Student Waiver Form to RSVP for training. We can conduct a class anytime, anyplace but do require at least 4 students to do a class.

This class does not include shooting live ammo. Because you are #Rangebait and we need to fix you and your skills.

Students are required to pay a one time royalty fee seen above that covers training class only. Students should wear comfortable clothing, closed toed footwear, materials to take notes, something to drink or snack on. Students will receive a personal introduction to a FFL Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, instructions on the application process as well as the best way to purchase firearms in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. Students will get a copy of all course material presented in class.