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Beginner Level Training: Men and Women

Maryland residents seeking gun safety training required by law and wish to obtain a Maryland Handgun Qualification License this class is for you. Many of our students have had exposure to firearms in the past but we make things simple and explain things to our students with minute detail and take our time. Most people have fears about firearms and we are here to disprove those myths and answer every question you have.  Our class sizes are intimate and will help instill not only knowledge but confidence in you as you go forward on your journey to defend yourself with a handgun.

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Students that successfully complete our HQL Training can purchase our HQL Shooters hat!

This class meets and exceeds the training requirements for students to submit an application for Maryland HQL License. Students will then be able to visit a Gun Store and purchase a Handgun.  Students will learn about handgun safety, handgun selection, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, malfunctions, as well as escalation for force and relevant Maryland Handgun Laws. One Hour of Marksmanship included for live fire portion. Maryland only requires student fire one live round and we believe this law is flawed.

We train you to shoot and hit your target.

Class Details: 4 Hrs $400 Single Student , $550 Husband/Wife, $675 3 Students that are friends or relatives.

Classes every Wednesday  5-9 pm, Saturday 9-1 pm, One on One and In Home by appointment. 

VA CCW and FL CCW Residents – Training meets requirement for Resident CCW Permits – NRA Basic Pistol Course.

Minimum class size is 4, Max class size is 10.

Call Jack Fleming at 240-855-4541 or email to schedule and then click Add to Cart below.

Students need to complete Student Waiver Form to RSVP for training.

Double A will provide Firearms for required live fire at no costs to students. 

Students are required to bring eyes and ears (eye protection, ear protection)​ and responsible to obtain required fingerprints and pay HQL application fees. 

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See this Guide for further information and Maryland HQL exemptions.