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Maryland is SHALL ISSUE. Get Trained, Get Armed, Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones!

Beginner, Advanced and Expert Level Training: Men and Women 

Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility and carrying it around with you everyday is even more of one as well as a potential liability if not properly trained. Go ahead and check Youtube or other websites and see about their mistakes. We train you so you do not make mistakes. Small class sizes, emphasis on safety as well as tricks of the trade will be passed on to you so you make the right decisions the first time. Maryland Wear and Carry Permit training consists of many important factors but the main thing is your attitude so if it is wrong, we will adjust it for you to complete the training. Drawing from the holster, dry firing, proper purchase of the firearms and even the most simple fundamentals of shooting will stick with you and become muscle memory in your time of need. We take this training seriously and you will too.

Be Advised: This training will meet and exceed State requirements. Students that need both HQL and CCW Permits will be able to attend this training and apply for both HQL and CCW Permits. We will not train you if you do not meet State requirements to successfully obtain them. Do not believe the myths or false statements you have heard from so many others. We will help you from start to finish and provide you the info you need to be successful. This training is ideal for Business Owners, Self Employed, Realtors, Employees in an Assumed Risk Position and those in Apprehended Fear or Dangerous Occupations. Teachers and Ministers of faith are welcome.

Students will learn about the CCW mindset, use of force, lethal and non lethal options, options for carrying (IWB,OWB, Etc). Live Fire exercises to get on target and eliminate the threat if needed. Self awareness, printing, drawing from the holster, correct hand, finger and defensive positions when firing. Also all required subject matter described to meet state requirements to apply for your concealed carry and wear permit. Maryland is Shall Issue which means you no longer have to provide a Good and Substantial reason besides Self Defense to obtain a permit.

Class Details: 16 Hours over 2 days of Classroom and Range Training

Classes conducted on Saturday and Sunday in Rockville 9-5 PM. Range TBD

Private one on one classes also available at 1.5 times single student pricing.

$700 Single Student, $1200 Husband/Wife, $1650 3 Friends or relatives. 

We need 4 students to do a class but max class size is 7. Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers.

Student Requirements for Class: 

Students are responsible for bringing their own semi-auto firearm, outside the waistband holster with belt loop preferred. 100-200 rounds of ammo, eyes, ears, bring a cooler with drinks, snacks or sandwiches. Range TBD on Class size. Safety Rules will be followed at all times. Students are required to pay a one time royalty fee seen above and below that covers training class only. Students are required to cover the cost of the Maryland State Wear and Carry application and we will refer you to our preferred vendor for a 10% discount on CCW fingerprints and background check. Students will get a copy of all class materials. Wear normal comfortable clothing that will conceal your firearm and holster for class.

RENEWAL PERMIT CLASSES 8 Hours – Sundays 9-5pm or during the week for groups of 4 or more. 4 student minimum.

Current Permit Holders: $500

This 8 hour training and refresher class is needed for your permit renewal. You should plan on attending your renewal class 90 days before your expiration date. Please call to schedule as this class can be held on either Sat or Sun 9-5.

Students can email Ja**@Do****************.com to list the members of your group. Name, Email, Phone required to RSVP.

Students should complete the Waiver form prior to training and to RSVP for class.

Call with any special requests or questions that needs immediate answers. Thank you.