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All you need to do is to google car jacking and the national average for this crime of opportunity is on the rise and not really much police can do actually stop this type of crime. The term carjacking comes from the word hijack, literally taking your car away from you either by force or threat of force. This type of crime often leads to murder, rape, torture and even sometimes nothing happens at all besides a stolen vehicle. What are the chances of this happening to you?

You work late or even early in the morning and your walking to your car, a stranger approaches and you hear those dreaded words, “Give me your keys or I will kill you!” Often then have been cases where the criminal was actually waiting inside of the vehicle already, waiting to force the owner to the ATM machine and even worse things that follow.

I am not here to scare you, but these things happen to people everyday and we are offering this class to teach you how and when to react to a criminal for the worse case scenario.

Class Detail: 4hours $600 Available Weekdays and Evenings, Weekends by appointment 

8 Students, 2 Vehicle Maximum class size. In Home, Location Based TBD.

4 Student minimum class size.