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National crime reports state that 65% of the home invasions happen during the day while 35% happen at night when most victims are asleep. Lethal and non lethal options are discussed as well as your options if this ever happened to you. Students will learn how to react to a home invasion and learn about preparing your home just in case and God forbid you or your family ever has to experience this violent crime. Criminals work in pairs and every family needs to have a plan to evade, escape, stand your ground and pick up the pieces after such events.

Home owners will learn the basics of self defense and strategies to survive. We help you create a plan, discover possible entry points that need reinforcement or redesign, safe spots to retreat or shelter, evade and escape techniques, of the last resort which is stand your ground and defend your home with lethal force per Castle Doctrine to prevent a criminal act such as any felony crime as described by state law.

Class Details: In Your Home Training 4hrs $600

Weekdays and Evening Availability, Weekends by appointments only.